Sonny Portable Bidet

Sonny Portable Bidet

Its rechargeable battery lasts up to three weeks to power a slide-out nozzle that ensures proper hygiene anytime, anywhere.

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Unfortunately, public bathrooms are the last place you can expect to find a sanitary environment. The Sonny Portable Bidet solves that uncomfortable problem with a slide-out nozzle that encases a refillable canister of water, ensuring proper hygiene anytime, anywhere.

Its anodized aluminum tube designed for complete discretion, and the rechargeable battery lasts up to three weeks. The bidet even comes with a stylish dock that operates as a charging station.

The Sonny Portable Bidet is brought to you by a team that knows how to redesign the bathroom experience with innovative and sophisticated designs. Their Nebia Spa Shower transformed bathing by delivering millions of microdrops of water to envelope your skin in a truly lavish experience that leaves you clean and refreshed. Made from the same rust-proof aluminum, the portable bidet’s design is elegant enough to add style to your bathroom and tough enough to withstand constant use.