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SoftBank Pepper Sells Out in 1 Minute

SoftBank was quick to boast that not only have they developed a robot that could understand human input and human emotions in 2014 but that they have also sold out of their 1,000 examples of the peculiarly named Pepper in less than 60 seconds since the reservation website went live.

It may seem like the idea of being able to interact with what we could only have seen in movies have led to the 60-second record sellout, but we think it may have had something to do with the fact that Pepper can make an emotional connection with people. Instead of relying on what has been preprogrammed, Pepper will utilize its 200 or so apps to make itself more useful, much like how a child will learn to appreciate and understand the people and environment around her.

Priced at a reasonable $1,600, wifi is a must for this device unless you would want it dragging a long chord along everywhere it goes like a vacuum cleaner.