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Fútbol Beers

There seems to be an unseen bond between football and beer, much like the bond between fans and their beloved teams. Whether it’s football (soccer) in the traditional sense outside of the U.S. or in the form that is more familiar to Americans, even thinking about watching a game with a cold one in our hands should be enough to put a satisfying smile on anyone’s face.

The love for soccer in Europe is well documented to the point where some rivalries between fans of opposing teams can become more than slightly frightening. On certain game days, not only does the stadium resemble that of a war zone, but we have seen instances of minor to major altercations between fans that can only be described as fanatical. Most fans will not only own several uniforms of their favorite team, many have plastered their homes with memorabilia and can be found cheering for their teams at the top of their lungs on game day.

To appease these fanatics, Uruguayan artist Pablo Cánepa imagines what it would be like for each team to have their own beer. Owning a team uniform is one thing but to drink out of a team bottle and to have rows of empty ones lining the table might be enough prove you to be the biggest fan. Just make sure that you keep your distance from that other table at the pub lined with your rival team’s beer bottles.