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smart #1

Smart #1 Is The First In A New Line Of EVs Not Coming To The U.S.

Spy photos of a high-performance prototype called Smart #1 released.

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Earlier this month, Smart unveiled a new compact four-door crossover called the Smart #1 (Hashtag One). This new EV looks great with endearing styling cues. But unfortunately for those of us living in America, Smart cars left the U.S. market in 2019. So, the new Smart #1 will only be available in Europe and other international markets. Moreover, Geely Auto Group oversees the Smart EV manufacturing in China under a joint venture with Mercedes-Benz.

The Smart #1 uses a single-rear mounted 264-hp electric motor producing 252 lb.-ft of torque. Its 66-kWh battery pack has a claimed range of 273 miles, according to the WLTP cycle. These figures sound promising for a vehicle the size of a MINI Countryman. However, recent spy photos taken by Weibo user Jason Ferrari show what could be a high-performance variant of the Smart #1. The images show a Smart #1 prototype with sporty-looking intakes on the front bumper and a red-painted roof. In addition, a closer study of the photos reveals a set of red brake calipers hiding behind the five-spoke wheels.

Car News China reported that this performance-focused variant of the Smart #1 is expected to feature dual motors to boost the total output to 400-hp. Car buyers in Europe can expect to see the Smart #1 later this year. No word on whether Smart plans on making a return trip to the U.S.

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Smart #1

  • Batterry Pack: 66-kWh
  • Max Power: 264-hp
  • Max Torque: 252 lb.-ft
  • Range: 273 (WLTP Cycle)