smart vision EQ fortwo

smart vision EQ fortwo

Imagine a future of smart, self-driving electric car sharing with this innovative concept.

There are those that talk about the danger that fuel emissions and climate change have on the environment. Then there are those like smart who actually are doing something about it. With the new smart vision EQ fortwo, smart is revolutionizing the automobile industry with a vision of urban mobility in extremely flexible, highly efficient vehicles.

In this smart vision of the future, the autonomous concept vehicle picks up its passengers from their location with a completely individualized option to help users recognize their particular vehicle with black panel grille and projection surface personalization. It’s a stylish approach to car sharing.

And while passengers get to luxuriate in the spacious interior, they are self-driven by the vehicle to their destination, unencumbered by a steering wheel and pedals. The car is an expression of each of the individual CASE standards for intuitive and individual mobility: connectivity (Connected), autonomous driving (Autonomous), flexible use (Shared and Services), and electric drive systems (Electric).

With its environmentally friendly electric powered technology, the smart vision EQ fortwo is the latest step in smart’s commitment to electric powertrain vehicle production. Furthermore, the car aims to transform gridlocked, urban traffic into more natural city flow, benefiting both riders and the general public by easing congestion and stress. Based on the car sharing concept the vision EQ fortwo does not have a fixed pick up or drop off point or home area. Car sharing is flexible and spontaneous in a more climate friendly community. Now that seems like a good move for everyone.