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MINI Countryman Autohome AirTop

MINI Countryman Autohome AirTop

You can now set up camp on top of a MINI Countryman.

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What is up with people trying to camp on the roof of vehicles these days? Is there some inherent danger to tenting on the ground that we’re unaware of?

Following this inexplicable trend of setting up tent on top of a vehicle, MINI and Autohome have teamed up to create a new pop-up tent for the MINI Countryman crossover.

The MINI Countryman Autohome AirTop is encased in a fiberglass shell mounted securely to the Countryman’s roof rails. With the release of three safety clasps, the AirTop is automatically deployed via four gas pressure springs. The included aluminum ladder allows you to access the tent, which features a high-density mattress that can accommodate up to two people.

Available in black or white — keeping in-line with MINI’s contrasting roof colors — the MINI Countryman Autohome AirTop promises a stylish alternative to traditional camping for those who live an active lifestyle and crave adventure.

But seriously — why are we suddenly obsessed with camping on higher ground? Is it the bears?!