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Shinola Runwell MD80 Desk Clock

Shinola’s “Mad Dog” Runwell MD80 Desk Clock

The clock sits in a black oak stand customized with a reclaimed MD-80 aluminum plaque that commemorates the career of the Mad Dog.

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The MD80, known as “Mad Dog,” was an aircraft that acted as the legitimate workhorse of the American Airlines fleet all during the 1980s. Not only was it one of the most fuel-efficient airplanes flying anywhere in the world at the time, but it also had a striking presence thanks to its sleek, polished aluminum body. It was the type of craft that screamed “innovation” and “ingenuity.” It was the kind of thing a person couldn’t take their eyes off of. When it was finally retired, it marked the end of an era in that company’s history — and that era is precisely what the Shinola Runwell MD80 Desk Clock was designed to honor.

The Shinola Runwell MD80 Desk Clock is literally made from original MD80 aluminum paneling, all of which has been harvested and repurposed to bring this stunning timepiece to life. The clock itself is fully assembled in Shinola’s Detroit watch factory, keeping in line with a long tradition of “made in America” products. With a durable chrome casing, the clock can stand up to whatever life happens to throw at it – much like the MD80 itself. It is all brought together with a sophisticated caseback plate that is adorned with an individual serial number. The dial features raised Arabic indices and gorgeous, luminous hands to really seal the deal.

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