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Hublot MECA-10 Clock

Hublot’s MECA-10 Clock Is An Oversized Version Of The Brand’s Iconic Watch

Like its wrist-worn archetype, the table clock has a substantial 10 day power reserve.

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$ 47,400+

With the recent release of the MECA-10 Clock, luxury timepiece maker, Hublot, has introduced a supersized version of its famous 2016 Big Bang MECA-10 watch. The MECA-10 Table Clock has fully preserved the original specifications of the famous watch, including how it reimagined the manual mechanism. The clock also has the same skeletonized structure as its wristwatch counterpart for an unparalleled view of its inner workings. In order to reproduce the unique features of the Meca-10 movement on a larger scale, Hublot harnessed the expertise of the renowned clockmakers at L’Epée to assist in the creation of the MECA-10 Clock.

The end result is a timelessly beautiful Hublot timepiece, featuring two different case versions. One has an angular take with a ring of polished satin-finished steel and transparent composite, and the second is covered with black PVD and the bridges supporting the gear trains are also coated in black. The limited-edition clock retains the 10-day power reserve of its inspirational namesake. There’s a manual winding movement with two barrels, rhodium-plated escapement, 432 components and 52 jewels. The clock case is 5.3 inches in diameter and 2.7 inches thick and operates at 2.5Hz. The two versions of the MECA-10 Clock are exclusive, limited edition pieces for the most discerning timepiece aficionados.