SEAL Tire Speaker

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind speaker, while keeping some waste out of landfills.

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Tires are being recycled in numerous ways, but one of the most unique products made from old tires that we’ve seen is the SEAL Tire Speaker, which takes smaller used tires and transforms them into Bluetooth speakers. Naturally, every tire that is transformed is slightly different, as they have their own tread pattern and wear a bit differently. As such, each and every speaker is unique and individualized.

Connect via Bluetooth (with a wireless range of 10 meters) or AUX cord for a well-balanced sound wherever you roll it to. The speakers comes with a display stand too, so enjoy a one-of-a-kind speaker on display while keeping some waste out of landfills. The tire measures 47cm in diameter and 12.5cm in thickness, and weighs 6kg.