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Schoeller x Reigning Champ Collaboration

Introducing The Schoeller x Reigning Champ Collaboration

The Night Run kit is designed for 360° visibility in the dark or at twilight, featuring 3M reflective bead technology that rebounds light at more than 300 feet

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One of the most common issues runners face is their safety as they run in the dark. Running during either dusk or morning hours is often necessary for athletes to fit their exercise routines into a busy day. The Schoeller x Reigning Champ Collaboration provides a solution. Wearing the right pieces of training gear can be the difference between a safe run and almost certain danger in low visibility and uneven terrain. The pieces included in the collection include a cap, shorts, and a night run jacket, with each piece incorporating 3M’s reflective bead technology. This material serves to redirect the incoming light back to the source and is designed for 360-degree visibility in the dark or at twilight.

The Schoeller x Reigning Champ Collaboration apparel uses inventive windproof polyester twill fabric that makes this game-changing attire with next-level moisture-wicking, shape-retention, and breathability As an added bonus, it is also incredibly soft to the touch. Each part of the collaboration includes performance wear options that utilize Schoeller’s innovative textile solutions. Each piece of the collection is technology-driven running gear and includes a base layer, jersey t-shirt, and long-sleeved feature.

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