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Robo Recall

Over-the-top VR action game for Oculus Touch lets you hunt down rogue robots.

If there’s anything that we learned from Hollywood, it’s that robots will soon rebel against humans. As technology seeps into the deepest crevices of our lives, the fear of rogue robots get more and more real with every new smart phone announcement and the newest tech that will “revolutionize our lives.” The hottest tech on the market today seems to be VR, with VR hardware and games on the rise. So why not indulge yourself in a bit of irony and what the latest in technology has to offer by fighting off rebellious robots in this action-packed virtual reality first-person shooter, Robo Recall.

The game truly takes advantage of the immersive experience of VR by placing you right in the middle of a robo-apocalypse. You get to hunt down rogue robots, unlock an expanding arsenal or weapons while taking on new challenges. It promises a gratifying gameplay with an addictive, in-depth scoring system that will keep you plugged into your Oculus Touch for an immersive and fun experience — or maybe this is just a tough-in-cheek way for the robots to start controlling humans.