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RIMOWA One Bottle Case

Transport Your Bubbly In Style With RIMOWA’s One Bottle Case

Made with the brand’s signature ribbed aluminum exterior.

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$ 1,720

RIMOWA, the venerable German manufacturer of iconic aluminum suitcases, is debuting a delightfully specialized piece of luggage that should fit the bill for any discerning oenophile, amateur mixologist—or, heck, just about anybody looking to convey some celebratory bubbly in total security, even cross-country or internationally. The RIMOWA One Bottle Case offers a bomb-proof (well, not quite) transport vessel for a precious bottle of vino, champagne, or spirits, suited up in trademark RIMOWA fashion in anodized grooved aluminum. That silvery shell opens to a snug, two-liter interior perfectly molded with padded and removable microfiber foam cushions, there to cradle the precious poison in question and keep it safe from a rough-and-tumble, knockabout outside world not all that friendly to glass.

Alongside a snazzy black leather grab handle, the RIMOWA One Bottle Case’s exterior also includes a TSA-approved lock, making it all set up in spades for air travel. (The lock, naturally, also keeps thievery to a minimum, so this is an especially tempting option for taking that truly-special vintage on the go.) And RIMOWA claims the case will keep a bottle stored within it cool and insulated for upwards of several hours, hopefully translating to the perfect temperature for imbibing upon cracking the lid.

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