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Ray Super Remote

Can this truly be the perfect universal remote that we’ve all been searching for? Well, it ain’t called ‘Super Remote’ for nothing.

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First came the TV remote. Then came the remote for your VCR, and after that everything decided it needed its own dedicated remote, multiplying into an unfathomable mess of remotes. We’ve seen universal remotes that attempt to consolidate your remotes, so you don’t need to rummage between your couch cushion looking for the remote for your TV, Blu-rau player, the AV receiver, and everything else. So far these universal remotes have done an admirable job, but the Ray Super Remote might be the remote that will change the way we experience TV.

Ray’s smartphone-like interface should feel familiar to all of us that are constantly connected to our smartphones, while the simplicity to operate the remote should be enough to tempt any couch potatoes that are less keen on doing any hard thinking. The remote also has a built in recommendation engine that learns what you like, giving you more reason to stay glued in front of your TV. Now only if we can make beer appear in our hands with one click…