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Qüero Bowery

Stylish yet timeless, Qüero makes custom handmade shoes approachable.

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Custom handmade shoes don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, as proven by the folks at Qüero Shoes. Established by a couple of guys that were fed up with not being able to find affordable high quality custom shoes, they made the pricing much more attractive than traditional custom shoes by cutting out the middleman. Not only that, their stylish yet timeless shoes are handmade by Spanish artisans. You can customize every detail of the shoe using their easy interface, but they also have preselected materials and colors for those that want to do less work.

Among their many designs, the Bowery stands out as a classic but versatile silhouette that can be worn dressed up or down. Effortlessly elegant, but still eye catching, these will quickly become that timeless pair that gets worn often. You can go with the traditional black leather, or even make it interesting with some medium camel suede. No matter how you customize this pair, you can feel confident in knowing that it will stand out from the crowd.