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‘Pornburger’ by Mathew Ramsey

A book filled with over 300 recipes that will convince you that burgers can be incredibly sexy.

Scientists have found that food can have similar effects to our brain as being physically intimate, sending signals to the brain that are sometimes indistinguishable from sexual pleasures. If you weren’t convinced of this idea, one look at the book Pornbuger, written by Mathew Ramsey, a self-described burger pervert, will quickly change your mind.

It’s a book that will prove that food, especially burgers, can be incredibly sexy. This recipe book will force you to let go of your inhibitions and indulge in your naughtiest food fantasies. Based on a blog by the same name, the book contains over 300 pages of recipes for the sexiest, most mouth watering, and shamelessly health-unconscious burgers known to men. If indulging in this kind of gluttony is perverted, we definitely don’t want to be normal.