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Tracksmith Podium Kit

Tracksmith Mens Podium Kit

You’ll feel right at home on the podium wearing the Tracksmith Mens Podium Kit.

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The podium is where talent and hard work is celebrated, recognizing the sacrifice that each athlete has made to be standing on the podium step. It’s a place where a select few runner gets to receive the attention and applause from their friends, family, peers, and the community.

Tracksmith Mens Podium Kit may not guarantee a spot on the podium, but if you do find yourself on the top step, you’ll know that it’s well deserved. Think of it as a tuxedo for the podium, letting your hard work shine in a moment of honor. The Podium Jacket and Pants are available in either white or navy, made from a super-soft merino wool blend, with signature Tracksmith touches on the zipper, woven label, and interior detailing. Much more classier than most track suits, the Tracksmith Mens Podium Kit is worthy of champions.