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Plusus LifeLink

Plusus LifeLink

This credit card-sized device will let you charge your devices when you need it most.

Why does it seem like we always misplace our charging cables when we need it the most? It’s always that one time when we forget to bring our cable we run out of juice on our devices, which is frustrating to say the least when we need to stay connected. Apparently, the solution is not to buy more cables to keep in your bag, your office, your home, and pretty much everywhere you can think of, but to keep a LifeLink in your wallet.

The LifeLink is thin and ultra portable, so you can tuck it into your wallet and not even notice that it’s there. The slim form factor that’s about the size of a credit card means that it will always be there fore you and keep your devices charged and connected. All you need is any available USB port and you can start charging your devices.