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Carbon6 Wedding Band

Carbon6 Wedding Band

Symbolize the love and bond of your marriage with this carbon fiber wedding band.

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The wedding band represents the sacred love and bond between two people, normally made in some type of precious metal. It has become a significant symbol in our culture, even going as far as being one of the few personal items that’s allowed in prison. Although the Carbon6 Wedding Band breaks away from tradition in terms of materiality, it still symbolizes your undying love for your significant other.

Created after searching for an alternative wedding band that’s safe while working with machinery and electricity, the Carbon6 Wedding Band is made from forged carbon fiber that’s been hand-finished for a smooth and comfortable fit. The unique forging method creates their signature marbled design that catches light revealing deep, radiant layers. If you’ve been wanting to break away from tradition but still wanted to symbolize the bond of your marriage, this carbon fiber ring may be the perfect way to do just that.