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Suede Punching Bag

Modest Vintage Player ‘Executive’ Suede Punching Bag

Will you be able to punch this uber stylish and luxurious punching bag?

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The term ‘punching bag’ gets thrown around as a metaphor for anything that gets used and abused, indirectly demonstrating the intended purpose of a punching bag. That’s why it may seem absurd that an object made with the purpose to withstand prolonged abuse should get a luxurious makeover, but that’s exactly what we have with the Modest Vintage Player ‘Executive’ Suede Punching Bag.

There’s no doubt that it’s a handsome thing, but it’s handsomeness is wasted in a way due to its purpose. It’s still a full size heavy bag, made from genuine cowhide leather (suede) featuring a black grain leather strip with embossed logo on two sides. So hang it in your uber stylish gym or training area, or even use it as an edgy home decor. Just don’t let its rugged good looks keep you from throwing your punches.