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Ostrich Pillow Go

A stylish, comfortable, and ergonomic travel pillow that offers total neck support.

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The folks at StudioBananaThings are serious about napping, so much so that they’ve revolutionized how we nap with the Ostrich Pillow. Their products allows us to comfortably sleep where we want, when we want, making our afternoon power naps more enjoyable. This fastidious approach to the art of napping has taken them to where no pillow has been able to conquer — comfortably sleeping on a plane.

The Ostrich Pollow Go is the ultimate travel pillow for people on the go. Unlike most travel pillows, the Ostrich Pillow Go is stylish while providing comfort and total neck support thanks to its ergonomic design and viscoelastic core. Our necks are all shaped differently, so the Ostrich Pillow Go comes with strategically placed magnetic buttons ensure a perfect fit, regardless of your neck proportions. So forget about those cheap and uncomfortable travel pillows and say hello to a comfortable flight.