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Oddball Drum Machine Ball

Oddball Drum Machine Ball

An intricate drum machine crammed into an ordinary rubber ball.

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The connection between creativity and play has always been a strong one. Take music for example. Ever hear a guitar player refer to an effects pedal as a “new toy?” What about witnessing the joy on the face of a toddler as they bang away on a drum? Well, the link between music making and playing has never been clearer than in the Oddball Drum Machine Ball. Not everybody can play an instrument, but everyone can bounce a ball. So Oddball Studios has found a way to cram an intricate drum machine into what appears to be an ordinary rubber ball.

When you bounce, throw, catch, dribble, or roll the Oddball, it activates various percussion triggers that communicate with the Oddball app on your phone. The app translates these movement and pressure sensitive triggers into a dazzling array of drum hits and sonic flourishes that you can record, mix, alter, or just play through your headphones or speakers.