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Freedrum Virtual Drumkit

Virtual drum kit that lets you take air drumming to a new level and rock out anywhere.

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Drummers have it the hardest in a band, with a van full of equipment needed just to set up for even one song. Even if you have a set, finding a place to practice can be difficult with neighbors that will surely complain about the noise. These maybe why people often get discouraged to take up this rewarding, but cumbersome instrument.

The Freedrum is a virtual drum kit that you can take with you, no matter where you are. All you have to do is attach it to your drum sticks, and also your feet if you want the full experience, and you have a set of drums that plays through your smartphone. The attachments are light enough for you to not even notice that they’re there, but precise enough to pick up on minute motions to replicate the experience of playing on a real set. The Freedrum literally takes air drumming to a new level, where you can play and practice wherever you’d like.