NWKC x 1733 A02 Roll Top Duffel

NWKC x 1733 A02 Roll Top Duffel

Its Cordura Nylon AFT shell makes this duffel bag able to withstand the elements without sacrificing any aesthetic appeal.

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$ 295

A quality duffel bag makes travel so much easier. It can be tossed over your shoulder like a backpack. This makes it a synch to move through airports, carry onto a plane, or throw into the back seat of your car. With all that wear and tear, you need a duffel bag that’s built to last yet still looks great. This is where the NWKC x 1733 A02 Roll Top Duffel comes in. NWKC and 1733 collaborated to create a piece that meets each of those demands. The result is a duffel bag that is every bit as fashionable as it is functional.

The bag itself is made out of a knit Cordua Nylon AFT Shell and a nylon base. It has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, removable handles, snap and roll closure, an interior zip pocket, and 2 external zip pockets.

With this bag, you will have a piece of luggage that can handle any weather conditions while remaining durable, secure, and easy to carry along on anything from a business trip to a weekend getaway.