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Nubé 2.0 Hammock Shelter

This hammock shelter protects you from rain, insects, while also keeping your gear safe.

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Whether you are the last man standing after the zombie apocalypse or just camping out in the woods for some fun, having shelter is critically important, next to the ability to purify water and make fire. The most common way to make shelter is by setting up a tent with some poles, but there are good reasons to consider a hammock shelter instead of a traditional tent; it’s light weight, more compact, and easier and quicker to set up as well. However, there have been downsides as well, mainly poor protection from the elements and insects.

Nubé 2.0 (pronounced ‘new bay’) is a cleverly designed and most complete hammock shelter. It rectifies the shortcomings of most hammock shelters, with its Rain Fly design that protects you from torrential down pours, the Insect Shield that will guard you from pesky insects, and a Gear Stash that will keep you stuff elevated and within easy reach. The complete system can be packed into the included compression bag, making transporting and setting up a breeze.