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Noah x Niwaki

The Noah x Niwaki Collaboration -Modern Workwear Meets Japanese Craftsmanship

The collection encapsulates the seamless connection between urban living and the beauty of nature.

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In a fusion of meticulous design and Japanese craftsmanship, Noah and Niwaki have joined forces to create a collaboration that seamlessly blends modern workwear with impeccable gardening tools. This partnership introduces a range of products that resonate with both urban dwellers and green space enthusiasts.

At the heart of this collaboration are two workwear staples: a chore coat crafted from premium Japanese denim and a versatile multi-tote garden bag, proudly made in the USA. Complementing these contemporary classics, exclusive iterations of Niwaki’s coveted gardening tools complete the collection.

But the collaboration doesn’t stop at clothing and tools. Each Niwaki order will include a complimentary packet of Pollinator-Friendly Wildflower Seeds. In light of the decline in bee populations, these seeds play a vital role in supporting pollinator species crucial to our food supply and ecosystems. By cultivating bee-attractive flowers, especially in urban settings, we contribute to the sustenance of these essential creatures and, consequently, our own survival.

Captured amidst the serene landscapes of HOG Farm in Brookhaven, NY, the FW ’23 Noah x Niwaki campaign exudes a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. The campaign showcases the products in action, bridging the gap between urban living and nature’s beauty.

Mark your calendars for August 31st at 11 AM ET when the Noah x Niwaki collection becomes available. Immerse yourself in this unique collaboration, where timeless design meets eco-conscious sensibilities, and modern workwear finds common ground with the art of gardening.

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