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Mac Candle

New Mac Candle

For those who want to relive the moment of unboxing their new Apple device, this candle will fill your room with the scent of a freshly unboxed Mac.

Are you a Mac person? Then here is a brand new, hand poured, 100% Soy wax candle to match your Apple devices. The New Mac Candle will delicately illuminate your room and devices, with the scent of a freshly unboxed new Mac, reminding you of the excitement you felt unboxing your newly delivered Mac. However, a candle that smells of an electronic device won’t be enough, which is why it also comes with hints of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin, and sage.

With a burn time of 45-55 hours, it should be enough to get you high with the anticipation of opening a new Apple product. What if you’re not a Mac person? Even better, since you can enjoy what you already feel comfortable with while also priming your nostrils that you’re opening a brand new Apple device. Let’s be honest; you’ve always been subconsciously envious of Mac users. For $24, maybe this can be your unbox therapy.