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Nanamica Wool Down Muffler

Nanamica Wool Down Muffler

Our necks also deserve down filled puffy warmth as much as our torso.

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Most scarves are made from cotton, wool, and for extra warmth and softness, even cashmere. However, when you look at the warmest of jackets and coats, they are usually puffy down jackets that feature the fluffy stuff that will keep your body heat from escaping. Isn’t it about time that our necks got the same treatment as our torso to combat the harsh winter weather?

The Nanamica Wool Down Muffler will protect your neck that has been accustomed to measly cotton or wool scarves with down filling. By stuffing its scarves with some fluffy down, Nanamica has created a muffler that actually feels like it was made to combat the cold. For traditionalists, it comes in two sides, with either side lined with wool or nylon so that you can choose which side you want to match with your outfit — plus nylon against the skin isn’t necessarily the nicest feeling either.