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DeLorean Is Back To The Future

The iconic DeLorean may be coming back to the future for 2017 and we can't wait.

When it comes to vehicles that have adorned the silver screen, the DeLorean has always been a fan favorite, thanks to the Back To The Future franchise that has elevated the short-lived sports car into a cultural icon. Unfortunately, due to some poor business decisions on founder John DeLorean’s part that involved cocaine, the DeLorean Motor Company was only able to produce a very limited number of cars between a timeframe that spanned less than two years.

Quickly reaching cult status among car enthusiasts and movie fans alike, many have attempted to recapture the magic by reproducing the car, but was met by a harsh reality that was set by stringent safety and emissions regulations. However, with a new law set in place that allow small manufacturers to be exempt, the DeLorean is set to come back to the future as the new DeLorean Motor Company is shooting for a 2017 production. We can’t wait to see these bad boys hit the street at 88 mph.