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Back To The Future 2015

How does our 2015 compare to Back To The Future's 2015?

October 21, 2015.

The eagerly anticipated future is finally here; at least according to what Back to the Future Part II had predicted. College Humor pokes fun at our depressing reality compared to what was predicted 30 years ago. Their take on our reality seems a bit more bleak than our opinion, but we can all agree that there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Although we’re disappointed with the lack of flying cars and weather service in our timeline, we’re surprised that some of the movie’s predictions have actually come true, like 3D movies, video conferencing, virtual reality head sets, and to a certain degree, even hover boards. If you can’t remember some of the details from the movies and would like to compare their version of 2015 to ours, this may give you a good excuse to binge watch the Back to the Future trilogy this weekend.