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DNG Motors Model-JZD

DNG Motors Model JZD Is A DMC-12 Reboot That Keeps It In The Family

Car buyers could have a choice of DMC-12 reboots in the future.

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You know how sometimes Hollywood will produce two movies with a similar plot within the same year? Like in 2013, when two action movies premiered within four months, both of which involved the White House being taken over and required a Die Hard-inspired protagonist to save the president. Well, a similar situation is happening around a name synonymous with legal battles – DeLorean.

Earlier this year, a Texas-based company called DeLorean Motors Reimagined LLC, aka the DeLorean Motor Company, announced a new vehicle dubbed the Alpha 5. Now, a second car company called DNG Motors is planning to unveil its own DMC-12-inspired production vehicle.

Apart from different-looking vehicles, the main difference between the two DeLorean car companies is that DNG Motors is led by John Z. DeLorean’s daughter, Kat DeLorean. The family ties make it more “in touch” with John DeLorean’s vision for his car. As a result, the DNG Motors car is dubbed the Model JZD, which represents DeLorean’s initials.

Details on the DNG Motors Model JZD are featherweight-slim at the moment. However, the company has made bold claims and stated that it plans to unveil the complete vehicle before the end of the year. In addition, DNG Motors claims the car’s development features people who helped create the original DMC-12.

Furthermore, the car company aims to create engineering programs and forge partnerships with other automakers, to benefit public high school students. However, its boldest claim is that the Model JZD starts assembly in January 2023.

Starting a car company from scratch is a herculean feat – ask Elon Musk. So, with both car companies now in an arms race to be the DeLorean company, we get to stand back, watch the show, and savor the reality where buyers could have a choice of which DMC-12 reboot to buy.

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