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Monoral WireFlame

Monoral WireFlame

Smokey the Bear would approve of this safe and portable outdoor fire pit.

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With the weather cooling down and the fallen leaves lining the streets, it’s time to gather around a fire with your friends and family. Although the marshmallows and smokey scent can be alluring, building a fire outdoors can be dangerous, especially in dry weather when Smoky the Bear is at his busiest.

The Monoral WireFlame adds a layer of protection against wild fire while being conveniently simple to use. Made from 100% fire resistant synthetic material, the Monoral WireFlame can hold up to seven pounds of firewood. Once you’re done, all you have to do is roll up the fire pit and synthetic fabric that only weighs two pounds and carry it back home.

Building and caring for an outdoor fire can be cumbersome and dangerous if not done correctly. The Monoral WireFlame combines convenience and safety in one handy package, giving us an excuse to explore the great outdoors and enjoy the fall foliage while staying warm. Smokey the Bear will be proud.