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eora 3D scanner

eora 3D Scanner

Affordable and precise, the eora 3D Scanner brings 3D scanning to the masses.

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3D scanners may still be a foreign concept to many. Although we’re no where close from seeing machines do a full scan of our environment like in the movies (Prometheus, 3D scanning technology is making huge leaps, bringing our environment into the computer generated 3D world.

So far these devices have been astronomically expensive and difficult to operate, but the eora 3D is about to change all that. The smartphone operated 3D scanner is highly precise, yet affordable compared to traditional 3D scanners. It only takes three to five minutes for a typical scan and record details that are as small as the thickness of a sheet of paper. The scanner uses the smartphone’s camera and green laser to capture the shape of the object, and with an optional booth turntable, the setup can do a full 360 scan as well. Once scanned, you can rotate the digital form of the object, just like you would in real life.

With so much of our lives living in the digital world nowadays, our desire to transfer what’s in the real world to the digital environment makes sense. With an expected retail price of $330 USD, the eora 3D scanner is taking the right step towards bringing 3D scanning to the masses.