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BlackBerry PRIV

BlackBerry PRIV

What you expect from BlackBerry meets what we've grown to love about Android.

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The BlackBerry phones once dominated the business market where professionals demanded constant connectivity with a robust hardware. Even ‘till this day, we hear from time to time people lamenting the loss of a physical keyboard on so many modern smartphones, with most of the complaints followed by the words “I miss my BlackBerry.” It wasn’t that their products weren’t good; they just lost the battle to the iPhone and so many Android powered devices that flooded the market, as these offered more flexibility and better app support that was easier to use.

It’s been a while since the Canadian company has released a new hardware, as their sales have started to dwindle in recent years. The new BlackBerry PRIV seeks to combine the best worlds of BlackBerry hardware with the flexibility of the Android OS for the first time. The physical keypad returns, making this Android device a compelling option for those that are tired of second guessing what letters they are clicking on the on-screen keyboard. Despite having a physical keyboard, the phone stays relatively slim, while the dual-curved screen should be enough to even take on the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. With a built in memory of 32GB and a MicroSD slot that can expand storage up to 2TB, the phone won’t have any issues with keeping all your files handy on the go.

We’ll have to see whether the old BlackBerry loyalists will return to their beloved brand once the phone releases on November 6, but it looks like BlackBerry may have finally cracked the secret formula with their new BlackBerry PRIV.