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McLaren Vision Collection

McLaren Vision Collection

McLaren releases driving-inspired eyewear frames with bespoke 3D printed options.

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$ 323+

McLaren is known for making some of the most drool-worthy vehicles on the planet. While the vast majority of us will never be able to afford the million dollar set of wheels McLaren puts out, that’s not to say it’s impossible to pick up another product with the McLaren brand attached to it. Say, for instance, the McLaren Vision Collection.

The driving-inspired sunglasses and ophthalmic frames are designed to be strong yet lightweight. There are five Leica Eyecare sun lens types available, including lenses for sailing, driving, skiing, playing golf, or simply for walking around town.

The McLaren Vision Collection starts at $323, but alas, these luxury frames can go up to $2,008 for more bespoke 3D printed versions that require a face scan.