Because Who Doesn’t Want A $90,000 McDonald’s Cup?

The cup is decorated with 150 precious pave-set stones, with yellow diamonds portraying McDonald’s iconic golden arches.

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The whole pimp cup fad may have faded into obscurity back in 2015 but this year it’s coming back for a good reason. The fast-food juggernaut that made its billions on the dollar menu is rolling out something much more extravagant: an 18k gold, diamond-encrusted, emerald-studded cup they’re calling the McDonald’s Golden Shamrock Shake. The blinged-out beverage holder is — surprise, surprise —  pictured holding a whipped cream-capped serving of the burger chain’s infamously mint-green milkshake in promo shots, making this year’s release of the seasonal beverage much more baroque.

Best of all, the Golden Shamrock Shake is being auctioned off via eBay to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities, in celebration of the iconic shake’s 50th anniversary and the addition of the OREO Shamrock McFlurry to the lineup. This holy grail of shakes comes complete with a jeweler-authenticated $90k appraisal and is decorated with 150 precious pave-set stones, including white diamonds and green emeralds on the edges, with yellow diamonds portraying the iconic golden arches.