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LVL Wearable Hydration Monitor

This wearable hydration monitor can keep track of your water intake as well as activities.

We cannot stress the importance of keeping your body well-hydrated enough; not only does it directly affect your well-being, it also affects your concentration, mood, and even sleep. There are many products out there that encourage you to drink water, such as water bottles that track your water intake, but not a whole lot that can paint you a wholistic picture of your hydration and health.

That’s about to change thanks to LVL, a wearable hydration monitor that can also track your heart rate, sleep quality, calories, activity, and mood. It’s the first wearable device that can give you a wholistic view on hydration and your activity by providing you with the data that you need to keep your body well-balanced. By tracking your complete health and activity, along with your water intake, it can give you suggestions on how much water you need at the moment and calibrates the information that it gives you based on your activities as well. Currently available on Kickstarter, it will help you take your first step into a well-hydrated healthy lifestyle.