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The Handheld QuenchSea Instantly Turns Saltwater Into Drinkable Fresh Water

QuenchSea is the perfect accessory for any swimmer, sailor or surfer, and can be life-saving in an emergency out at sea.

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If you’re an avid sailor, swimmer, or surfer or you attended 4th grade), then you know that salt water is not drinkable. If you were ever in a survival situation at sea and turned to salt water to hydrate, it would quickly turn deadly for you. That’s because the body is unable to rid itself of large amounts of salt that are ingested, which can lead to organ failure. QuenchSea, provides a solution to an age-old paradox with a handheld manual device that converts seawater so that it’s drinkable water in minutes. It makes for the perfect accessory for any seafaring adventurer and can also be life-saving in an emergency situation. It can also come in handy in humanitarian relief situations.

It works via a hydraulic system that uses triple filtration and reverse-osmosis technology to take salt water and convert it into drinkable water at a speed of about 2 liters per hour. QuenchSea’s hydraulic system and activated carbon filter purify water from the ocean to keep you hydrated for as long as you want to stay offshore.