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Logitech Logi Dock

Make Working From Home Easier With Logitech’s Logi Dock

Logitech’s new dock has a wide range of ports and acts as a speaker for meetings.

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$ 399

Logitech has announced the upcoming release of its new all-in-one dock, the Logitech Logi Dock, designed for the new realities of a post-pandemic hybrid workforce. This new docking station is purposefully designed to make working from home easier by facilitating video conferencing. When the product hits the market this winter, it will be certified for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, which makes it an ideal upgrade for the at-home, remote worker. Designed to allow users to work freely, the Logitech Logi Dock connects and charges up to two monitors and five USB peripherals, which effectively replaces the need for excess power cords and chargers. Users will therefore realize a much cleaner and less cluttered desk space, ideally suited for productivity.

The Logitech Logi Dock is compatible with Chromebook, PC, or Mac. In addition to its other tech-specific benefits like effortless conferencing and docking, this product also provides users with a great way to enjoy music thanks to its immersive, crystal clear, stereophonic audio, with powerful bassline and volume that can be cranked to the max with no distortion. To further upgrade the product, users can opt for the Logi Tune app that takes the Logitech Logi Deck experience from awesome to astounding. This feature gives users the ability to sync their calendars, allowing the product to remind the user of upcoming appointments and even aid in joining meetings through the mere press of a button.

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