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Leica M6

Leica Re-Issues Its Iconic M6 With Modern Touches

A new Leica M6 arrives after its original appearance in 1984.

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$ 5,295

Leica Camera AG has been a staple in the photography industry for over 100 years. With trademark reliability, quality, and consistency, photographers worldwide depend on Leica Cameras to capture crisp, analog photography. For more than 30 years, the Leica M6 has been the workhorse of the Leica camera family. Now, a newly released Leica M6 promises to bring modern innovation and technology to a tried and true classic.

The newly released Leica M6 camera has several features original to the 1984 Leica camera. From the red Leitz logo to the slanted rewind crank, users will appreciate the throwbacks included in the newly designed model. But much-needed updates help bring the Leica M6 to the forefront of modern photography. The new camera has a modern rangefinder version that features 0.72x magnification. Optical surfaces throughout the camera are coated with protective material to make the camera less sensitive to light. A new and improved light meter now indicates correct light exposure with a red dot, while the addition of a battery warning indicator helps predict battery life. The camera’s cover is made with durable solid brass instead of zinc and features a scratch and abrasion-resistant protective lacquer.

Each Leica M6 camera is handmade in Germany. Photography enthusiasts will be able to find the new Leica M6 camera worldwide at authorized dealers and online at the Leica Online Store beginning November 3, 2022. The camera is priced at $5,295.

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