LEGO Tree House

LEGO Tree House

Using sustainable, plant-based polyethylene blocks derived from sugarcane for tree foliage.

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$ 200

There’s no denying that LEGO utilizes a considerable amount of plastic. That may even be an understatement, as just about every play set is made entirely out of plastic. Last year though, the LEGO Group started making some plant, shrub, and flower pieces out of a plant-based polyethylene derived from sugarcane. And what better set to use these plant-based, environmentally-friendly blocks than on a tree house set?

The LEGO Tree House is a 3,000+ piece set that looks and feels almost identical to other LEGO sets but uses sustainable polyethylene blocks for foliage and botanical elements. The set, which retails for $200, is the very first step in the company’s plan to gradually shift all production over to the sustainable material by the year 2030. 

The LEGO Tree House includes a 4-member family of minifigures and also comes with yellow and orange leaves, so when the seasons change, you can also transform the look of your green summer tree house into an autumn variation.