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LEGO Eiffel Tower

LEGO Eiffel Tower: The Tallest LEGO Set Yet

LEGO presents its five-foot-tall Eiffel Tower Set.

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$ 630

LEGO just unveiled the LEGO Eiffel Tower. This 10,001-piece flagship model in the LEGO Travel & History series recreates one of the world’s greatest landmarks in incredible detail. At almost five feet tall, the set is for adults. It’s the company’s tallest LEGO tower set yet and also has one of the largest piece counts for an immersive experience. A top gift idea for history and travel lovers, users assemble the model in four sections, just like the original construction. According to LEGO, the process closely follows Gustav Eiffel’s actual tower. This LEGO set’s true-to-life details incorporate everything within and around the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower set includes three observation platforms, a broadcast tower, elevators, and landscaping. What’s more, LEGO included the French flag to top it off and draw attention to the finest details. LEGO was faithful to the geometry in a 360-degree model that closely follows everything about the Eiffel tower’s decor. For example, LEGO included interior decor with arches, cross-branching supports, and railings. LEGO says there’s also an authentic view when looking up from beneath. The ground-level details include trees and shrubs, benches, and Parisian lampposts. LEGO has been manufacturing high-quality building bricks since 1958. The LEGO Eiffel Tower will be available beginning November 25th.

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