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Iris Heads Up Display

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As more technology trickles down into our cars, heads up displays (HUD) are becoming more common among high end and even some attainable cars these days. However, HUDs are impossible to retrofit into cars that did not come equipped with the technology, and even if your car came with it, the current state of their usefulness may be questionable depending on the manufacturer.

Iris is a new approach to HUDs, allowing the technology to be added onto virtually any car. Unlike other traditional HUDs that usually displays the information closer to the dashboard, Iris places itself higher towards the top of the driver’s view via a laser projector and a transparent screen. It displays information relating to the car’s status as well as those pertinent to safely being on the road, such as navigation directions to even current speed limits so you can focus on what’s ahead. Another feature that differentiates Iris from other aftermarket HUDs on the market is the incorporation of gesture control, such as taking a call with a simple swipe to the right.

As if to vouch for the quality of their product, the developers state that they have redirected the cost of marketing for research and development. If you are convinced by their product, you can back their campaign by clicking here.