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Lexus Hoverboard

Looks like we are indeed living in the future.

Our fascination with hoverboards began in the late 80’s when Marty McFly rode across the screen in style on a pink hoverboard in Back to the Future Part II. There’s no practical reason to want one other than to relive our Back to the Future fantasy, yet it firmly took a grasp of so many people’s imaginations that even until this day people are attempting to create the technology.

The newest group of people to take a stab at the hoverboard is Lexus. The Japanese car manufacturer known for their beige and supple sedans may not be the group of rebels that we associate with hoverboarding hooliganism, but if there had to think of a group of eggheads that could crack the secret behind a floating board, it might as well be them.

Still in the concept and development stages, the short video clip only teases us with the prospect of the hoverboard, as we don’t even get to see whether it works at this point. Still we’ll make sure to keep an eye out for its newest development, just in case we get to see this in production in the very near future.

Just remember not to ride hoverboard on water once you get your hands on one. Everybody knows that hoverboards don’t work on water.