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Incase Reform Sport Case

Incase Offers A Snug Home For Your AirPods Pro With Its New Reform Sport Case

The Incase Reform offers drop protection, Qi wireless charging compatibility, and more.

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$ 35

Where the wearer goes, so follow the AirPods Pro. It’s essentially an unwritten law at this point, yet what’s considerably more crucial is what actually becomes of the pods when they are on the move. With the Incase Reform Sport Case in hand, the answer is simple: nothing at all. The compact, unassuming case is designed to snugly house the pods in sleek, stylish packaging. Indeed, the housing is the type of thing one might wish to show off from time to time. It is designed with functionality at its core, thanks to dual-layering protective material that’s carefully bonded for added structure. Available in five different colorways, the outer shell of the case is highly durable and can withstand harsh impact. Should something strike the case, a cushioned interior minimizes force and consumes energy to prevent the pods from damage.

Moreover, the Incase Reform Sport Case is something of an anti-germ powerhouse, with its antimicrobial defense shell designed to eliminate nearly 100% of all surface bacteria. In a world where minimizing contact with contaminants has never been more vital, that extra feature becomes something of a serious selling point. Also included are a detachable lanyard and a clip, so one can easily tether or wear the case. Even the sides of the Incase Reform case are thoughtfully designed, with grippy portions that create a little bit of traction to minimize heat and improve hold. All that with some good looks thrown in? Talk about a game-changer.

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