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Impossible I-1

Impossible I-1 Instant Camera

Built from the ground up, this is a reimagined instant camera for the digital age.

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The technology behind instant cameras have been stagnant for over 20 years since its original design. Mostly shunned by users due to the prevalence of easily accessible cameras on our phones, the romance that was once attached to instant photography has been lost in recent years, especially since the demise of the Polaroid instant camera in 2008.

The Impossible I-1 is an instant camera that has been built from the ground up. Completely reimagined for the digital age, it’s the only instant camera that gives you full control over aperture and shutter speed. The uniquely designed ring flash that provides a diffused light that is perfect for portraits, while you can also connect the camera to your iPhone to experiment with creative tools like light painting and double exposure.