iKamper Skycamp

The iKamper Skycamp is a lightweight tent with ladder. You can park it on the hood of your car. Honest. We have pictures.

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Some of us just don’t camp, okay? It’s too hot during the day and too cold at night and the mosquitoes don’t give a shit. When they’re hungry, they’re hungry. There’s other wildlife out there too. We’ve seen those videos of campers running into bears on some lonely trail and we think, “Holy shit, some poor fool climbs the fence of a zoo into the bear holding cell and we know he’s stoned or mentally ill because no one normal would voluntarily coexist with a bear. But we’re supposed to live with them in the woods?!” Hell, we’re afraid of dingoes stealing our babies even when we’re camping just outside of Cleveland. And have no babies.

Okay, but for the rest of you, the lightweight iKamper Skycamp is a possibility. The idea is that tents on the ground invite cold and moisture. But if you park the goddamn thing on the roof of your SUV so that it and your family look like something out of The Grapes of Wrath, you’ll at least stay warm and dry. And the bears won’t get you. Unless they climb, and, come to think of it, they do.

In fairness, you don’t have to mount the Skycamp on the top of your car, although the name connotes height. Put it wherever you want. It comes with a ladder to get you quickly and easily up to wherever you park the thing. Tie your kids in at night if they tend to wander or fall out of bed.

Just watch out for bears.