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hardgraft R1 Sneaker

Experience Italian Craftsmanship With The Premium hardgraft R1 Sneaker

These sneakers redefine the art of walking, encouraging you to live slow and savor every step.

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$ 388

In a world where speed often dominates, the hardgraft R1 Sneaker encourages you to embrace a slower pace, urging you to walk instead of run. These sneakers effortlessly blend modern design inspired by running shoes with the timeless craftsmanship of a workshop. 

Crafted in Italy from sumptuous premium Italian suede, they exude luxury from every angle. Lined with vegetable-tanned calfskin, these artisanal sneakers bear the human touch in every stitch.

What truly sets the R1 Sneaker apart is its unique sole. Made in France from pure virgin hevea milk, the natural rubber soles undergo a meticulous refinement process that results in soles filled with tiny air bubbles. This innovation not only offers unmatched comfort but also ensures that your every step is cushioned and supported. The fit is true to size, providing comfort all around the foot, with good padding on the tongue and ankle. These versatile sneakers can be worn with no-show or light socks, making them perfect for various occasions.

hardgraft’s commitment to quality is unwavering. Typical of all hardgraft’s superb goods, its leather goods and footwear are meticulously crafted in Italy, using locally sourced Italian and European materials. With 18 years dedicated to seeking out the finest suppliers, materials, and manufacturers, hardgraft ensures that their designs are imbued with the excellence they deserve. Step into the world of hardgraft R1 Sneaker and experience the perfect harmony of style, craftsmanship, and comfort, priced at $388.

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