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Globe-Trotter Midnight Collection

Globe-Trotter Unveils The All-Black Midnight Collection

Something never-before-seen from Globe-Trotter.

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Iconic luxury luggage maker Globe-Trotter recently released the all-black Midnight Collection. This is the first-ever collection from Globe-Trotter to feature black hardware. The result is a luggage set that is as dark as midnight. The black-on-black aesthetic works well with the legendary Globe-Trotter suitcase design, known for its unrivaled durability, functionality, and sophistication.

The Globe-Trotter Midnight Collection includes a variety of luggage sizes, including medium and large check-ins, an extra-large trunk, and carry-ons like the London Square and Centenary Attaché. Several watch cases, featuring three, six, and 12 slots complete the collection providing a safe place for frequent travelers to carry their valuable watches. Each piece of the Midnight Collection includes the finest touches, like durable vulcanized fiberboard, handmade leather handles, quality internal lining, and webbing belts. They are all in black, creating a monochrome look that is a favorite among modern travelers.

Globe-Trotter luggage originated in England in 1897. The company has long been known for luggage styles reminiscent of the Golden Age of travel. The all-black Globe-Trotter Midnight Collection provides the same timeless style while proving that this more than a century-old company is still relevant today.

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