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GamFratesi Beetle Dining Chair

The GamFratesi Beetle Dining Chair Is A Unique Blend Of Nature And Design

This chair’s veneer edition takes the iconic Beetle shell and transforms it into a work of art crafted from molded wood.

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The GamFratesi Beetle Dining Chair is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends nature-inspired design with practicality. This veneer edition of the iconic Beetle chair brings a fresh material aesthetic while preserving the comfort that has made it a household favorite.

GamFratesi’s inspiration for the Beetle Collection was drawn from the captivating form of a beetle. They transformed the archetypal beetle’s shape and function into an ergonomic chair with a robust yet supple two-part outer shell and a comfortable inner surface. Now, with the veneer edition, the chair’s distinctive curves are translated into a molded wooden shell, making it even more adaptable to various interior settings.

The Beetle Dining Chair allows for customization with a wide selection of fabrics and materials, offering endless possibilities to match your unique style. You can opt for bold colors with tactile expressions or choose upholstery that harmonizes with the shell for a more understated look.

Crafted with keen attention to detail and advanced manufacturing technologies, GamFratesi has created a chair that is not only versatile but also exceptionally comfortable and visually striking. This chair is a true testament to the beauty of nature-inspired design, and it can be yours starting at $1,400.

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