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Victrola Stream Sapphire Turntable

The Victrola Stream Sapphire Turntable Bridges The Gap Between Vintage And Wireless

This wireless turntable marries the classic charm of vinyl records with cutting-edge streaming capabilities.

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$ 1,500

The Victrola Stream Sapphire Turntable is a remarkable fusion of classic vinyl charm and cutting-edge wireless technology. This turntable builds upon the legacy of the Victrola Stream Carbon, combining a bespoke walnut veneer plinth, top-tier components, and the ability to stream your beloved vinyl records in pristine clarity to Sonos, UPnP, and Roon integrated systems.

Designed for audiophiles who demand nothing but the best, the Stream Sapphire Turntable boasts an upgraded brushless motor that ensures quiet and accurate sound reproduction. Its adjustable feet make self-leveling a breeze, and the audiophile-grade Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge guarantees an unparalleled vinyl streaming experience.

Key Features:

  • Stream your vinyl collection wirelessly in up to 24-bit/48kHz lossless FLAC format.
  • Equipped with a 2-speed brushless motor with servo-control for precise speed control.
  • Features a low-resonance MDF plinth with real walnut veneer and premium metal turntable components.
  • Adjustable height aluminum feet with sound-dampening base for vibration isolation.
  • Carbon-fiber tonearm with custom-designed removable headshell and adjustable counterweight.
  • Gold-plated RCA output for wired systems or powered speakers.

The Victrola Stream app allows you to wirelessly stream your vinyl records to a variety of speaker setups, including Sonos, UPnP, or Roon Integrated systems, all at your fingertips. Plus, the premium illuminated control knob provides tactile control over volume and playback right from the turntable.

Experience vinyl like never before with the Victrola Stream Sapphire Turntable, available for $1,500. Elevate your audio setup and rediscover the rich sound of your vinyl collection with this exceptional piece of technology.

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